You Can't Do That on Television

Do you remember that show? I loved You Can't Do That on Television on Nickelodeon when I was a kid. It was basically a kids variety skit show and the birth of the green slime. If anyone said "I don't know"... they had green slime poured on their head. This was hilarious scheduled entertainment for 8-year-old me.

Yes, there are things you can't do on television. But the point was that they pushed the envelope on the show, and did some things that had never been done on television before.

I was out with a group this weekend (yay, parties are back! 🥳) and someone asked about my business. I told them I was doing media consulting and video coaching. Immediately this happens:

"Oh my gosh. I need you. My mouth dries up when I talk in front of people and I can't even speak it's so bad. What do I do?