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One of the most asked questions I've had working in television is about hair and makeup. It always seemed so petty and surface to talk about such things when I would rather discuss current events or other 'more important' topics.

However, despite my pushback, it is what a lot of people want to know and I've come to realize that, much to my chagrin, it does matter.

I guess I should add in now I was a past recipient of the national HAIRRY AWARD for best hair in television news.

Yes, it's really a thing.

No, I had never heard of it before I received the award.

But hey, I'll take it!

... So, there's that.

I'll start with hair then. As mentioned in my quote above, my hair has been every color, texture and length possible. I'll spare you the pictures of my experiments with various shades of red and orange in middle school. 😬

The most surprising thing I've learned over the years is how much my hair has changed from hormones. My hair was thin and straight until I hit puberty and suddenly it was thick and wavy. Then each time I had a kid, it drastically changed a different way. It grew in thicker and longer when I was pregnant and fell out in alarming amounts after birth.

My hairdresser and I both marveled at the distinctly different changes after each child. I know all of you mommas out there can relate!

So, when it comes to hair products, my favorites have changed over the years. I'm also a self-described "product whore," which means I like to try a lot of different products :)

Right now, I'm loving:

Bed Head:

This line has been a staple for me since my days on morning television. I love the "after party" cream. I have a major issue with fly-aways and baby hair that is always sticking up all over my head. I use a VERY small amount of this on my finished hair and it helps tame down flyaways and never feels greasy or heavy.

CHEAP shampoo and conditioner!

Believe me when I say the absolute best shampoo and conditioner is only $4. Granted, everyone is different but for the past year or so, I have been using SUAVE shampoo and conditioner and I've never loved a shampoo and conditioner combo more. The rosemary and mint version is the only kind I have ever used and it smells just like the Aveda brand of the same kind. Try it! You'll never spend more on shampoo/conditioner again!


I have been a fan of Sebastian SuperShaper Plus hairspray since I started in television news. Every woman I've worked with in TV news has used this same hairspray!

Keep in mind -- it is SUPER hold, so it's not for everyone.

But if you need something that does the job, this is it.

On the other hand, I also like to have a lighter-weight spray nearby for everyday use. I've used RUSK W8Less hairspray for quite a few years for this. I also use it right after blow-drying when I put my hair in velcro rollers (yes, I still use velcro rollers!) I spray right after rolling it up and do a quick shot of hot and cold air with the hair dryer and then let it sit a few minutes while I do my makeup. Works like a charm to get extra volume, tame flyaways and frizz and give a little hold too.


Another deal alert!

I love the 'It's a 10' leave-in treatment. I use it on wet hair and have been letting my hair air-dry overnigh lately (quarantine and all). This really helps it hold my natural waves and keeps it from looking frizzy in the morning.

More Bed Head Brand!

Another fave from the bed head line is the 'control freak' gel. I usually only use this when I am actually trying to fix my hair to look nice. It helps hold curls and helps my hair from being less frizzy overall.

So you can tell for the most part, I love a good deal!

Now, for my big splurge -- and it wasn't even mine but it has significantly changed my life!

The DYSON Supersonic hair dryer is WAY more than I would ever spend on a hair product. I got it as a (very nice!) gift a few years ago and WOW. The time I have spent drying my (very thick!) hair at 2am every morning when I was in television news would have been significantly cut down had I had one of these.

It's on sale right now and if you can afford it for yourself or as a gift for someone, you will agree it is worth every penny!

So I LOVE to try new things all the time. If you have a hair product you think I would love or you want to share, please leave a comment!

I'll tackle my makeup faves soon, so stay tuned ...

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