Why a fear of the little red light can work in your favor.

So you know video can help your business. You know you have to get yourself 'out there,' but the fear is crippling. I get it!

I had two degrees in journalism and countless hours of camera time under my belt when I performed my first live shot on the news, and I was still terrified! No matter how comfortable you are talking in front of a class, to your co-workers or clients, when you are faced with a camera with no feedback, it is a whole new ballgame.

Those butterflies in your stomach only mean one thing -- you care! That's not a bad thing. If you didn't care how you presented your ideas or your business strategy, you wouldn't have that fear in the first place. You worry what people will think, if you will say the wrong thing or just completely freeze. It happens.

Here's my strategy for coping with fear...

Face it!

Face your fear. Write down all of the worst possible things that can happen. You fumble your words, you forget your main point, you start sweating profusely....

You've probably gone over all of these "what ifs" again and again.

So go through each item and come up with your coping strategy. What will you do when each of those things happen (hint: they likely won't!)

  • I fumble my words: I will apologize, have my notes handy, take a deep breath and start over.

  • I forget my main point: I can send a follow-up e-mail, use editing to add it in if I'm recording.

  • I start sweating profusely: Prepare ahead. Turn the A/C up, limit the lights on you and have a towel handy if it gets out of hand

Prepare & Practice

Preparation will help your confidence and your delivery immensely. As with all things, practice makes perfect. Record yourself doing your presentation on your phone and watch it and make suggestions to yourself to improve. Ask a spouse, friend or family member to watch your presentation and ask for their feedback. Remember YOU are your worst critic. If you are pleased with your performance, that means it is awesome. Most people can't watch themselves without having some cringe element!

For more tips, check out my courses and workshops. I can help you overcome your fear and help you shine on camera!

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