Background report: What your video call reveals about your house

Updated: Jan 8

From CBS Sunday morning April 19, 2020

I saw this report on CBS Sunday morning and found it very interesting. Am I the only one who loves seeing the inside of everyone's homes? 

Maybe I'm just nosey or maybe just highly observant since I'm teaching this course. But I love seeing the inside of celebrity homes. I mean, I know what Tom Hanks' kitchen looks like! It's like the ultimate Star Map tour in Hollywood.

This is an interesting take on how your background matters. I teach clients to never have a blank background. People are interested in what is behind you, but you just need to make sure it isn't distracting to your message. 

Here are some of my fundamental Do's and Don'ts when it comes to background:


  • Make it interesting

  • Use props like books and plants

  • Create Depth... move away from the wall behind you


  • Use a virtual background

  • Put a window behind you; if you can't avoid it, limit the light by closing the blinds or shades

  • Have any action or distraction behind you

I've seen some pretty horrific WFH backgrounds lately, including one not suitable to share on this page with a husband in the shower behind a reporter!🙀

What are the WORST backgrounds you've seen? 

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