Meet the Media

How would you describe "the media?"

You might think of it a little differently after you meet the real people who are sharing the information you consume every day.

Join me for a live, interactive conversation with various members of the #media who will tell you:

➡️ What it's really like behind the scenes
➡️ How they choose what stories to share and how to share them
➡️ Why some share opinions and others don't
➡️ Where they find their information and story ideas
➡️ How to use media to get exposure for a business/product/brand

... and anything else you want to ask! The conversation is live on Instagram (@kelseykstarks) Tuesday at 12pm EST.


Episode 1: Terry Meiners 

Terry Meiners has been a fixture in Louisville media for more than 30 years. As host of The Terry Meiners Show on 840WHAS, he has interviewed everyone from comedians to politicians and everything in between. See what happens when he's in the hot seat answering your questions.