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Hi, I'm Kelsey.

After 20+ years in the broadcast news business, I ditched my 2am alarm clock and my dream job of hosting a morning show for a new dream of being 'mom' to three young children. 

Since then, I've used the video techniques I learned from being on television to help professionals take their business to the next level.

Whether you are presenting to clients and colleagues via video conferencing or simply selling products on social media, how you look and feel on camera can make or break your presentation.


My Experience

I've worked as a professional journalist in major markets throughout the country. As a producer, reporter and anchor I've navigated nearly every facet of the broadcast industry from documentary-making to live reporting.


Choose the Training right for you

  • Simple tips and tricks to amp up your virtual workspace.

  • Individual coaching to help you be confident on camera.

  • An in-person or online workshop tailored to your specific needs.


Everything you need to be comfortable on confident on camera.



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What people are saying

"I knew being on camera was part of promoting my business, but I was terrified to actually do it. I had so much I wanted to say, but didn't know where to start. Kelsey helped put my thoughts in order and on video for the world to see. 
I was thrilled with how professional our promotional videos turned out. The addition of those videos on our website and on social media have made a huge impact on our sales numbers."  
- Dana Robinson, CEO KEYPER

"As a media expert, Kelsey helps our brand ambassadors craft sound bite-length messages that are crisp, compelling, and coherent.
Interview simulations are one of the most valuable elements in our training process. There is no substitute for seeing and hearing yourself answer a reporter’s questions, and receiving constructive, specific feedback."
- Tracy Frederick, Brown-Forman

"At the beginning of my career, I was struggling to be comfortable on-camera. A day of training with Kelsey helped change that. We were able to work on every aspect of television presentation, from reading off a prompter to controlling your body. Her expertise helped me see what I was doing wrong and gave me direction for practice. Not only did she turn me in the right direction, she did it with professionalism and elegance. It was the start of real improvement for me, in my career."
- Casey Parker-Bell, Public Affairs reporter


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